What is the Sexuarium?


Pavel Kozák

FB: pavelgkozak


Sexuarium is the legal approach to optimize the sex performing. It often needs also material support for its proper conditions, a building and its equipment.

The sexuarium may also unite people into a sort of consumer movement.


Porn shows sex without any cultural supervision or legal categorization.

Recently, this fact even entered the papal exhortation Amoris Laetitia: "… un’invasione di proposte, davanti alla pornografia senza controllo e al sovraccarico di stimoli che possono mutilare la sessualità" (§281).

The establishment institutions which are used to treat sex – the churches and medicine – dislike to treat porn in-depth and radically. On one hand they do not care for the control the Pope speaks about, on the other hand they punish if someone transgresses the borders. They use the law machinery to punish exactly, however the principles of what is good or bad are vague and the churches and medicine dislike to discuss it regularly. We can imagine the potentiality of the expert witnesses’ corruption supposed the imprisonment is real, but the definition is widely subjective!

             The porn has been spreading with an appalling drive. Its consumers are watching it in the perspective of a travel-agency catalogue to a country which I am not allowed to visit personally.


            Marriage is the common civilization treatment to legalize sex. For centuries, it was considered an institution for procreation and protection of children, as if the sexuality was switched-off after the children are born.

The HIV/AIDS-pandemic and Internet disclosed another sexual motivations.

So, nowadays we have a new model of a consumer of his/her own sexuality. Besides children, there is also the pleasure and entertainment which is strongly interconnected with the sex-practicing.

Many persons try not to tease the churches and medical experts, the academies and justice, the schools and the media gatekeepers with the fact that the span of the legal sex which can be practiced within marriage is much wider than its historical delimitation.

The porn, in the same moment, profits from the establishment part-blindness  adversity denigrating the majority of sex-pleasure and activities as illegal. They monopolize so this realm of life into the frame of the mentioned forbidden-travel catalogue.

This situation is somehow supportable for the persons for whom sex is not that strong motivation, supposed they do not medialize its absurdity. Anyhow, this absurdity becomes painful for the highly passionate persons.

Specific is the situation of the wives of the men who almost live with porn, instead of with them. The mildly sexualized wives are simply desperate, motivating this situation hundreds times on the web-chats. Besides the home alienation, they are afraid of their husband’s risky behavior, including its health or criminal consequences.

Another case is of those wives who are the highly passionate women. They can be even daring to concur porn! Typically for them is the sexuarium.

A contrary situation can occur in the case of a highly passionate woman who is in the same moment rich. She can sponsor a gigolo. The ideal gigolo is a different situation as in the case of a female prostitute. He must fulfil several other functions, including emotional and entertainment. In this case, we are confronted with a marriage-like relationship, only yes/no-resultative concerning money. It is more instructive to mention here this case than the case of a usual husband since he has no pressure to perform well. After all – a gigolo can turn into a husband.

Generally, our focus is to the married persons who dare concur the sex-industry to keep their partner at home, within legality. If the churches give up the control of porn, we can help the population to make head or tail of the situation, to live in the dignity and in the Freedom from Fear.


Even without any specific material support you can consider the concept itself of the sexuarium. Though the sex does not fulfil all our dreams due to the lack of the material support, the consciousness that we behave legally changes our life-style and feeling. It is similar like the sex of a Catholic priest with the sex of a Protestant,  celibacy-free, one – however, visibly, it could be the same.


The sexuarium – if joining people together – may serve as a consumer movement, changing the perspective at the traditional establishment institutions. Her/his own sexuality user is not any more considered a supervised – often badly behaving – citizen, but rather as a badly treated consumer.

What is necessary - to delineate anew what should provide a decent citizen the institutions which dare treat his/her sexuality.


Even in the less activist case, we are reminding you here that you should distinguish what is legal in your personal situation from what porn shows and you would like to imitate. In case it is a legal behavior in your country, you can be sure against authorities not only from the privacy-perspective, but even from the perspective of the legality itself.


In any version of the sexuarium you will prefer and choose, we can sum up that there are more legal sorts of sexual behavior than the set allowed (and somehow supported) by the establishment. The sexuarium project points at the intersection of sex and legality which is not inhabited yet, however shown in the porn. If legal, observe not to be criminalized!

Plato, in his Phaedro, speaks – with the Socrates’ mouth – about the different sorts of evil to majority of which the Daemon has mixed up pleasure. Yet, he does not speak about the pleasure free from evil.



The term “sexuarium” was coined by L. van der Weck- Erlen and mentioned in the New Joy of Sex by A. Comfort. My book on the topic bears the English title “Sexuarium is not any Penthouse”.

However the “sexuarium” is a productively formed Latin term about a vital function, on a widely common pattern of terrarium or aquarium – so one would suppose it is dwelling directly in the God’s mind, according to the Plato’s dialogue Meno - it is quoted among curiosities in Spiegel.