October 5, 2016


Pavel Kozák


Letter to the Czech Government:
"What works in the Czech Republic instead of the Ministry of Sex?"


Dear friends, ladies and gentlemen,

ministers of the Czech Government,


I am pleased to note that our republic turns towards prosperity – esp. if the minimum wage increase considered - so we can finally have a moment to think about such timeless themes as the relationship of civilization and sexuality.


We inherited the inconsistencies


Under previous governments, this topic was addressed in an unbalanced and not fully democratic way. I am writing to you because they beg you to monitor this situation and - as part of your program strategies - for improving it.


Sexual minorities


A typical symptom of being undemocratic is that sexual minorities in the media and in public space are represented as if they were majorities. With public motivation of their problems, an impression arises that the sexual problems are solved. Mainstream society, however, is over 90 percent, and they are underrepresented in the media.


Cross-border context


Just look at the recent Polish women protest against the tightening of abortion law in Poland. Their protest, however, partly took place in our country, and the consequences of the law we will bear in the form of "abortion tourism". In this example it is clear that the sexual culture is a political issue, even in an international reach.

The same applies to the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, which the EU has not failed in its documents mentioning HIV, along with tuberculosis and malaria.

In an international context, it is needless to remember that the influx of young men from other cultures into Europe has already demonstrated its sexual dimension - and no doubt will be demonstrating. Let us therefore not exclude recourse to the EU institutions, but especially the Visegrad 4, and deal with the situation at the international level.


Theology and Medicine


Witticism says that at Freud's times confessionals were replaced by psychoanalyst’s coach. Since then also pulls the medicalization of sexuality - but with non-stop comments of the churches. Sometimes, however, it gives the impression as if the doctors and pastors tossed a certain topic each to other - typically pornography - like a hot potato. Scientists sometimes acted as spokesman for the religious lobbies.

Traditionally also speak some religious associations about sex more than the other. But the matter is whether they also speak professionally and whether they are not burdened by their dogmas over a reasonable threshold of the third millennium?

Although they are significant civilizing forces, it cannot be ignored that religion and medicine neither represent the whole of society, nor all the expertise that has something to do with sexuality.





Noteworthy in this connection is the unwillingness of the Czech Academy of Sciences to enter the public space with their - as the title says - scientific arguments. One of them would be also criticism of the influence of religious communities, based on a combination of research by the exact sciences and the humanities. The first thing that should worry the government is allocating resources according to the seriousness of the topics. And here mentioned issues are more urgent than many others, however promising and inspiring.

Scientific methods should also follow the formation of university courses and allocation of scholarships or grants.




In the area of ​​sexuality, the media under the previous government informed even more imbalanced style than in other areas. It satirically mentions Dr Zl. Pastor in his Female Sexuality, where he talks about the drastic perspective and the humorous perspective of the two people who are used to speak about sex from television. Given that even the very disciplines that come into play, are more than two (see the first chapter of I. Tang Pornography mentioning e.g. the arts, politics and law), it is clear to us that the media did not worry about targeted dramaturgy. The question is, how do the Media Councils and their Ombudsmen fulfil their function in the implementation of Ethical Codices.

A new phenomenon associated with sex is the Internet. There are several areas spreading sexuality and opinions about it on the Internet, including a massive sex as business. Should the Internet be guided or should the freedom of speech be without constraint? The recent papal exhortation Amoris Laetitia mentions pornography, but does not give a directive. Political parties and their coalition government, however, must have an opinion, no matter how the churches would play possum.

The voters should take into account the more or less successful functioning of their government before the next election. Sexuality should therefore take place as a paragraph of the election programs.


Two usual topics


In previous years, always during the pre-election campaign, two spasmodic themes occurred: the school sex education and the legalization of prostitution. For the next phase a heightened visibility of the churches’ activists was typical, when - in the position of a better knower (“Besser Wisser”) - they "channeled" our parliamentary democracy. Not only that their dictation avoided the standard democratic process, yet even one which was in its development, they suspended. Often we do not know what they rely upon, even within their own doctrines, and what their church leaders’ directives are.



The interdisciplinary team


When you say "the ministry sex", many people will laugh, because it ranks somewhere between jokes like "Minister of folklore" or "director of the Globe." But when it comes to the Polish abortions in our country, or to the Czech Republic as an HIV-transshipment between East and West, I think we realize how topical is addressing this issue at the government – i.e. interdisciplinary, coordinated and financially supported - plane. Laughter is then seen as a symptom of a small adolescent awareness.

Whether the interdisciplinary team will be called a committee or even the ministry, nowadays it is the proper time to ponder upon its foundation and to consider its activities.


It goes without saying that I offer all the cooperation and assistance I am able of, how far my education and experience reach!

Sincerely and with thanks for your interest


Pavel Kozák