If Bosch is true, Vatican is a bullying sect


Vatican bartered truth for dispositif (Foucault), the tool to control population.

The contemporary interest in Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights proves what set of questions attracts the vast majority of people.

Even if Vatican dares to call the majority sinners, yet we can aspire rather to be heretics.

Nevertheless, the Garden is nearer to Darwin, i.e. to the truth and reality. Therefore, it is Vatican who is heretic. They abide to a nonsensical myth about the Fall, lest them lose the tool to control population - the Original Sin, traditionally focused onto sexuality.

If you feel the oppression, free yourself, just as from any sect-ilk bullying!

Walk along a nudi-beach contemplating your state before the Original Sin - just like the people on the super-famous Bosch's painting.


Why is the Garden that single piece?

In the Mediaeval Times, the ideal was not to paint something original, yet to render better what is known. Therefore, so many Nativities, Crucifixions and Resurrections.

Contrary, the Garden of Earthly Delights is single. Why?

Probably, the strength of the innermost, irrational motivations broke the standard chronology of the myth about the original World and mankind development. If we read the different hermeneuts' explainings, they cannot find a single perspective onto the picture. That is why, it is outside (the Genesis respecting) logic, in fact.

Is it a sinful presence? Or is it the state before the Fall? Or is it a Manifesto of Adamitism?

What about if it is a revision of an errant myth, the myth about the Fall?


Suspect Saints and Holy Heretics